Enterprise Commerce utilizes a robust CI/CD pipeline to ensure code quality, maintainability, and performance. The pipeline is powered by GitHub Actions and consists of four main actions:



This action performs multiple checks to validate the health of the codebase. It:

  • Runs unit and integration tests to ensure code reliability.
  • Validates TypeScript type soundness to prevent type errors.
  • Parses the project for structural integrity.
  • Checks code formatting for consistency across the codebase.
  • Verifies the permissiveness of the software license in use.


This action ensures all commit messages adhere to conventional commit standards, linting messages for consistency and readability.

Next.js Bundle Analysis

This action compares the pull request (PR) branch with the main branch in terms of application bundle size. It is particularly valuable for teams with a performance budget, helping maintain an optimized bundle size and preventing accidental inclusion of large dependencies.


The Playwright action is responsible for running end-to-end tests in a headless browser environment during the CI process, ensuring that user flows work as expected before deployment.

Caching Strategies

All of the above-mentioned actions employ aggressive caching strategies, which allow the actions to complete in approximately 1 minute if there are no changes to the yarn.lock file. The caching efficiency is enhanced by utilizing TurboRepo’s remote caching functionality, which can be found at TurboRepo Remote Caching Documentation.

The adoption of these caching techniques significantly reduces the CI run time, optimizing the development cycle and resource usage.