Enterprise Commerce provides built-in support for two powerful analytics tools: Vercel Analytics and Google Analytics. While you have the flexibility to integrate any third-party analytics solution of your choice, these two options are readily available out of the box.

Vercel Analytics is the recommended and default analytics solution in Enterprise Commerce. It offers several key advantages:

  • Privacy-friendly: Vercel Analytics respects user privacy and does not collect personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Real-time insights: Get instant visibility into your website’s traffic and user behavior with real-time data updates.
  • Minimal performance impact: Unlike other analytics solutions, Vercel Analytics has negligible impact on your website’s performance, ensuring optimal speed and user experience.

To disable/enable Vercel Analytics, simply set the feature flag IS_VERCEL_ANALYTICS_ENABLED to true or false in your .env file:


Google Analytics

Enterprise Commerce also supports Google Analytics integration through the official Next.js module. While it is disabled by default, you can easily enable it by setting the feature flag IS_GTM_ENABLED in your .env file:


Once enabled, the Google Analytics tracking code will be automatically added to your website, allowing you to track and analyze user behavior and traffic data.